Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Service (PMS)

Mehta Fincon's Portfolio Management Service (PMS) is a professional- tailor made service intended to accomodate the investment objectives of different class of investors. The Investment solutions provided by us cater to a niche segment of clients- Individuals or Institutions with high net worth. In simple words, through our portfolio management service, investments will be managed professionally to create optimum wealth for our investors.


Availing our Portfolio Management Services comes with a lot of benefits. 


1. Professional Management : Our PMS manages portfolios with the purpose of delivering long-term performance on a consistent basis while also controlling risk.

2. Regular Portfolio Tracking : We consider the dynamics of equity as an asset class, hence investments are tracked on a continuous basis.

3. Convenience : With our Portfolio Management Service, investors will receive periodic reports on the performance and other aspects of investments, relieving them from all the administrative hassles of their investments. 

4. Transparency : Investors will get account statements and performance reports on a monthly basis. That’s not all; web access will enable them to track all information relating to their investment on regular basis. Mobile app ; A password protected web login will enable them to access details of their investment on the click of a button. The following portfolio reports are accessible online:


4.1 Performance Statements


4.2 Portfolio Holding Reports


4.3 Transactions Statements


4.4 Capital Gain/Loss Statements


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