Global Investment Fund



We at Mehta Fincon have the ability to support your local India investments as well as guide you to make international investments hence providing additional opportunities and yet diversifying your risks.


We additionally understand your needs for global funds based on factors such as International exposure, education or travel. Additionally, in case of depreciation in the value of Rupees for any preceding education of your children abroad, we play a major role in hedging your investments with dollar denominated returns. In sum, our superior knowledge of global markets and International investment partnerships helps in bringing together the right solutions to manage and grow your portfolio across the life cycle.





Availing our EB-5 Visa Program means giving foreign nationals the opportunity to receive US permanent residency (Green Card) through investments. We refer you to the safety of your investments abroad : Identify a company that is prudent for you in order to eliminate all the potential risks. This for investors would mean an extension of receiving almost all of the benefits of being a US citizen ; giving you and your family and future generations the access to an exceptional quality of life.

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